Continuous Improvement

The plant and equipment in many manufacturing organisations is often not ideal for their current business. Frequently it is believed that the ideal manufacturing system requires capital expenditure which, in the eyes of the financial management, has a dubious financial return. This situation can arise as engineers and operators, pressed for improvements, pin their plans on new improved technology.

Our philosophy is one of Continuous Improvement, focused on better business rather than better equipment. We establish cross functional teams then assist them to identify and implement plant improvements with a high financial return that the business can afford. Whilst these, often smaller scale improvements, may not solve all the manufacturing problems in one go, they develop the businesses capability to deliver equipment improvements and it’s financial ability to afford subsequent initiatives.

New Facilities

There is always a danger when companies do decide to invest in new equipment that they get what the supplier wanted to supply, not what their organisation needed. We help companies to clarify what they need, define this requirement for the supplier(s) and project manage the delivery and installation. This means not only the physical installation within a building, but also the writing of Standard Operating Procedures, operator training and effectiveness measurement to ensure that the operational improvements that underpinned the business case are achieved.

In larger investements where there may be mutliple specialist suppliers, ensuring the right outcome may mean taking greater ownership of the overall system design and sometimes some of the elements within it. Working with Churchill Technologies  has enabled us to get right into the detail where required producing outstanding results for our customers.