Since people are the key ingredient in any company we have teamed up with MLP Training who provide targeted sales training and management development programmes. Their input and skills have had a measurable impact in the financial performance of many leading companies.

In many circles much is made of the manufacturing tools and techniques, such as Lean Manufacturing, 6 Sigma, TPM, etc. We do not believe any of them are entirely appropriate for any company but rather that the appropriate principles and ideas need to be tailored to a business. For people to take on board what are sound approaches they have to be made relevant to the specific manufacturing system. Our approach is to use the tools and techniques to solve current problems. It does not matter if the tools are SMED or DMAIC, PM analysis or KanBan, when operators see them successfully used within their factory environment they start to take notice.

architect and supervisor  Reviewing Blueprints

The advantages of this approach are clear, the training pays for itself as improvements are made via the training, more importantly, by showing people how a problem was resolved or an improvement made they are more equipped to solve further problems using the same approach.