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Weston Body Hardware

Weston Body Hardware [WBH] provides ready-made answers to those difficult engineering questions which can arise in the whole area of access control, whether for vehicles or for enclosures and large units like generators, compressors and other items of capital plant. []

During 2009 AEG undertook a number of purchasing projects to help ensure that WBH were buying their components as effectively as possible. Working very closely with the WBH staff yielded very positive results as expressed by Roy Sims their Chief Executive in his e-mail reproduced below:


I would just like to place on record my thanks for the work you have put in at WBH over the past few months.

I believe your methods of working have opened a number of eyes here, which were previously ingrained with history and how we have worked in the past. This should now stand us in good stead as we strive to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers during these challenging times.

Your input and professional approach has been much appreciated.

Once again, thanks for you help in making WBH a more cost effective operation.

Best Regards.

Roy Sims

Chief Executive

Weston Body Hardware